Obi-Wan Salukis

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New Litter [ 12/21/16]
FC Obi-Wan Jedi Ben Kenobi, RN, SC, CGCA X Ch. Obi-Wan SM Fool Moon

Puppy Cam !

Hound Solo [ 4/07/16]
Ch & UCI-IntCh. Khamsa Vizeer Min Ahz X Ch. Obi-Wan SM Fool Moon

Obi-Wan SM Hound Solo

Star Wars Litter [ 3/24/14]
Yamadan Lev Faruza X Obi-Wan SM Naked Fringe

Al-Shama Litter [9/27/2011]
co-bred with Jane and Arnett Taylor

SuperMan Litter [8/06/2011]
co-bred with Dusty Trieschman

(Almost) Foolish Litter [3/31/2009]

Fringelings Litter [9/13/2006]

Daxlings Litter [5/20/2003]

Tribal Litter [10/14/2000]

Gemstone Litter [4/22/2003]
(co-bred with Khamsa Salukis)

  • Khamsa Obi-Wan Shiromani, CD, RN
  • Khamsa Obi-Wan Al-Aajiy
  • Khamsa Obi-Wan Al-Anbar SM
  • Khamsa Obi-Wan Al-Bahiim SM
  • Khamsa Obi-Wan Al-Fairouz
  • Khamsa Obi-Wan Al-Yakutasfar


Welcome to the homepage for Obi-Wan salukis. Our love affair with salukis began in 1973, and continues to grow as we explore the multiple facets of life with salukis. Our goal as guardians of the breed is to preserve functional ability, unmistakable breed type, native intelligence, and depth of character.

 Obi-Wan salukis have distinguished themselves in the conformation show ring, on the lure-coursing field, and in the open field on live game.

Who are these people?

Sharon Walls has been owned by salukis since 1977. She works as a Fiscal Analyst in order to maintain the standard of living to which her hounds have become accustomed. Her other interests include bellydancing, homebrewing, collecting cacti, studying Middle Eastern cultures, and playing with the Society for Creative Anachronism.

Sharon has been a member of the Saluki Club of America since 1992, serving in the roles of Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary, and Vice President.

Sharon is also an active member of American Saluki Association, as well as working as a volunteer for STOLA Saluki Rescue.
Mark Heddleston married into salukis in 1994. He brought with him one schipperke, Champion Ebonystar Drambuie. He is a programmer, software engineer, tech support specialist, and computer operator. His other interests include kite flying, netsurfing, science fiction, anything computer related, and playing with the Society for Creative Anachronism.

In 2012, Obi-Wan Salukis made the move to Reno, Nevada. Our hounds are greatly enjoying the opportunity to hunt live game.

How to contact us:

Obi-Wan Salukis
Sharon Walls and Mark Heddleston
Reno, Nevada

Puppies occasionally, breed information and referral cheerfully shared!