Khamsa Obi-Wan Shiromani, CD, RN

Senkyu, enjoying a GQ moment

Senkyu's record to date:

Senkyu was named after a dear friend of ours, Lloyd Fulton, whose SCA name was Senkyu. We can't help but notice our Senkyu has many of our departed friend's quirky traits and knew we had named him well when he retrieved a can of beer from it's hiding place in our woods.

CH. Celeres Wind Beneath My Wings, JC, LCM

FC Celeres Firebrand of Aerie , SC, LCM7

Canem-Dei's Woneye of Khaliq

BISS/Natl Select CH. Shahanshah Somthn T'Talkabout, JC, NOFCA pointed

Ch. Enkiydu Forte

Cimmarron Paharia Royale

Ch. The Aerie's Let's Fly Away
Khamsa Obi-Wan Shiromani, whelped 4/22/2003

Davijoya Archives Rumani

Azayiz Bay'ah Comelightly

Davijoya Selim Comelightly

Obi-Wan Berberella SM

Obi-Wan Djieud Hammaze

UCI-BISS, UCI-Int Ch. Obi-Wan Qismet Al-Raqqaasah, F.Ch.

Elysian Fields Zamzammah